Muthokinju Cement

We are the pioneers in the distribution of cement and we have grown rapidly to become Kenya’s largest supplier of cement. Quality, innovation and variety remain the hallmarks that define the company, under the brand name 'New Muthokinju' As part of our drive for innovation, we have extended our product portfolio and we now provide wide range of cement products. i.e Blue Triangle, Simba, Mombasa Cement, Rhino cement to mention but a few. Visit our stores across the country to purchase.

Our Top Cement Brands

Bamburi Cement is the largest cement manufacturing company in the region and it's Mombasa plant is the second largest cement plant in sub-Saharan Africa It’s a subsidiary of Lafarge a world leader in building materials and top ranking player in the cement, aggregate and concrete industries, it contribute to the construction of cities around the world. Our innovative solutions provide them with more housing and make them more compact, more durable, more beautiful and better connected.
Simba Cement is the result of careful research and development by cement engineers and scientists. It is specially blended with good quality control monitoring systems, high quality cement engineered for use in all structural, building and particularly useful in marine and hydraulic construction. It is a high strength class cement and can be used in applications such as, reinforced concrete for foundations, beams and slabs as well as structures, structural and non-structural cast constructions.
We want to be the brand that not only builds structures, but one that also cares about the people; an assurance that is well summarized in our positioning, Building Perfection with People!We aspire to be the most preferred brand in the region in the eyes of our customers and other industry stakeholders. This we intend to achieve through a balanced approach to growth and effective integration to provide total construction solutions.
Mombasa Cement is one of East Africa’s leading cement producer with the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly cement in East Africa. The cement pass through round the clock stringent quality controls standards of both Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and International specifications. It boasts of itself by being awarded the superior Diamond Mark of quality certificate by the KEBS symbolizing excellent consistent performance on quality and compliance to standards on all their products.
The company producing under the “NYUMBA” brand is committed to the manufacture and marketing of quality cement and working towards building a long term relationship by ensuring total customer satisfaction. Hence, it aims to maintaining a transparent quality assurance system and striving to improve communication with customers to understand their needs better.