Exterior Paints

Tired of painting your exteriors frequently?
Well our exterior emulsion paints are the solution to your woes.
Our paints have a number of benefits like;

Sealing Imperfections

Our emulsion paints help conceal the smallest of imperfections in exterior wall, even hairline cracks, therefore making your exterior walls flawless

Fungus Resistant

Made with superior quality materials these specialize in fighting algae and fungi formation on their surfaces and give a rich sheen and a designer finish.

Water Resistant

Presence of high latex in certain emulsions makes them water resistant


Our exterior emulsions are also dirt and dust resistant making walls stay beautiful for longer periods of time without curing, therefore saving money in the long run.

Colour Guard

The Exterior Emulsion Paint’s Colour advantage helps keep colours from fading away for longer periods of time and even provide UV protection.

Get your favorite choice of exterior paints

Choose from our wide range of colours and make your exteriors come alive with our Exterior Emulsion Paints Range.